Top 7 Free Movie Streaming Sites 2017 To Watch Movies Online

There are many movie streaming sites that you can get on your Android and iOS devices on free. You no longer live in the age of DVD’s which people of earlier days used to watch movies. Now a days, maximum peoples are using Smartphone, Tablets, Mac, Computer, iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. So, in this post-modern age, everything became very handy and easier compared to earlier days. Likewise, watching movies online became much easier with the discovery of many movie streaming apps.

Most of the things can be done through online now via Smartphone or other electronic gadgets. In this post, I am going to tell you about 7 New best free movie websites 2017. I hope that you will like reading this review, for keeping yourself updated with some of this latest movie streaming app.

Free Movie Streaming Sites – Top 7 Free Movie Streaming Sites:

Free Movie Streaming Sites

 Most of the movie streaming sites hold the common features, which is to let you watch free movies online. However, some apps don’t function properly and fail to provide you all the features that you desire. Here are some of the recommended seven movie streaming sites 2017 which you can download and use on your devices.

  1. is one of the free movie streaming sites where you can watch free online movies and TV shows easily. All the contents are available in languages like Korean, Japan, Germany, France, Hindi, English, etc. You will definitely enjoy all the latest collection of movies available in the app. You just need to find the kinds of movies you like to watch and accordingly click to watch it online. However, the app doesn’t let you download any content which is one of the disadvantages of the app. The app also provides you the features to share your favorite videos with friends instantly through some social sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.Free Movie Streaming Sites


  1. YouTube:

 YouTube is the most popular platform to watch the latest uploaded videos and movies online. There are many channels of programs available, and you can easily watch it on a click. You will find many latest uploaded videos as well on click the Trending option. You can easily add channels and subscribe your favorite videos. Within the app, there is a searching box where you can search your favorite programs. All the videos and movies are available in full HD picture quality that you will enjoy watching. You can easily upload your favorite videos on YouTube and gain a good popularity by letting others watch on free.Free Movie Streaming Sites

  1. Putlockers2:

Putlocker2 is one of the fantastic free movie streaming sites that you can try now. It has a good quality, and the app is designed beautifully which helps in easy navigation. There are various genres available in the app homepage such as Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, and Drama. So, you can select any of the genres available and select your favorite movies from it to watch easily. The app also provides you many popular TV shows which you which you can watch online. Some of the TV shows are available on seasons and episodes formats.Free Movie Streaming Sites

  1. Movies Prime:

This is one of the best movies streaming sites where you will find large content movies. The app has movies distributed in different genres like Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, etc. You will find some latest collections of movies and videos which have been recently added to the app. So, searching your favorite videos, movies and TV shows is absolutely easy that you can do in a click. The app, however, doesn’t allow you to download movies, which is one of the disadvantages. You will not feel bored watching on the app for a long time because of its HD quality picture.

  1. Popcornflix:

This is a free movie streaming Sites which helps you in killing your time. There are various categories of movies like comedy, Asian Action, Indie Favorites, Horror, Drama, Thriller, Family, Romance, Grind house, Kung Fu, Documentary, Rockstars and much more. So, you are getting such huge contents in a single app. You will get a description of the movies as well in this app which will let you know shortly about the content of the movie. All the movies available in the Popcorn flix are updated one and you will able to watch new movies each day. You can also download your favorite movies and watch it later offline.Free Movie Streaming Sites

  1. Viewster:

The Viewster is an explosive movies streaming app that is very handy to use. You will find all kinds of movies divided according to genres such as Anime, Action, Sci-fi, Horror, Drama, Romance, Documentary, Adventure and much more. So, via this app, you will able to watch all the latest collections of movies and TV shows on your Smartphone, Mac or PC. So, for using this app, you just need to sign in. You can stream your favorite movies without downloading the app even. You can directly visit the official website and watch online.Free Movie Streaming Sites

  1. Vimeo Mega:

The Vimeo Mega is a good app that can easily let you watch movies online free streaming. If you are interested in watching old movies and new movies alike, then Vimeo Mega can be the right choice now. The app is very handy and has a beautiful working interface which is easy to use and navigate with. There are large contents of movies like action, drama, romance, documentary, adventure, romance, thrilling, etc., which you will like watching. The Vimeo Mega app is frequently updated, and you will find all the latest collection of movies and TV shows here.


Watching movies and TV shows can be your favorite time pass when you get some of the apps mention above. Thus, I hope that you will enjoy using some of the suggested movie streaming apps on your devices. You will find the seven new movies streaming sites very helpful that I have listed. Now, enjoy and experience some of these best-featured Free Movie Streaming Sites to stream online. If you have any other suggestion or sites then please share it with me in the below comment box. So, this for today I will be back soon with all new interesting and informative article. Till then good bye.

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