Top 20 Best Streaming Sites to Watch Free Online Movie

Best Streaming Sites: We all love to watch movies. Unfortunately, we can hardly get time to hit a Theatre show. Seeking for the alternatives, what we have today are PC Computers, Smartphones, TV channels, and DVD players. However, DVD players are kind of out dated today. What’s in the trend today is, watching movies online in PC computers and Smartphones.

Ultimately, if you want to watch movies online from any kind of computing device, and also mobile phones on showbox iphone you will need a good website that provide quality contents (Free or Premium). Virtual world of internet today is full of clutter, and unacceptable websites. It is quite of time consuming to find out best sites to watch movies online if you don’t have the proper idea. And we are giving our best, in pursuance to provide a list of best sites to watch movies online both in Free and Payed service.

Top 20 Best Streaming Sites To Watch Latest Movies Online:

Best streaming sites

The websites to watch movies online I am about to list out here, is completely based on their quality services. The quality services of these sites you can count in are HD video contents, Free access, Wide range of categories, and User-friendly interface.

So, You can certainly get into these top 20 best sites to watch movies online. Oh yes, only high quality movies, but you can watch your favorite TV shows as well. Check out which one feeds your desire better.

1: Hulu:

If you are a regular movie watcher, you must be familiar with the name FOX media company. And the site Hulu is owned by The Fox Company, so there should be no doubt about this site’s quality service.Best streaming sites

You can watch all genre of movies in high quality, and latest TV shows as well. For even better service, one can always register for the premium Hulu service.

2: Crackle:

Another best pick for watching movies and TV shows online is Crackle. You can get all kind of movies such as Si-Fi Action, Drama Animation, Horror, Romantic, and more! For these, you don’t even need to register yourself, however if you register to Crackle, you will be notified about any new updates.

3: Vumoo:

Another one of the best streaming sites to watch movies online is Vumoo. It has a huge collection of movies and Tv shows that be watch absolutely free of cost. If you want to watch a certain movie of your taste, you can search the title of your desired movie, and Vumoo will show up with a acceptable outcome.

4: PopcornFlix:

Another best platform to watch quality movies online is PopcornFlix. The site regularly updates their database with latest movies and TV show episodes. You will get movies of all kind such as Horror, Action, Drama, Comedy, and more. With its simple UI, you can freely navigate to the “New Updates”, “Movie Genres”, and “Year of  Releases”.

5: Viewster:

From a huge database of free movies, you can simply navigate to your desired movie genre, select the screen ratio that fits your device, and play it! The option to choose different resolution of a contents lets you to save a lot of data balance while you are on Smartphone device.Best streaming sites

6: MyDownloadTube:

This site covers to a wide extent with various entertaining elements such as Movies, Games, Genres, and more. You can check out the user rating of each movie content so that you can always pick a good watch. The contents are being updated regularly with new releases, so if you have time to hit a theatre show, make a home theatre of yourself.

7: MoviesPlanet:

This site lets you to watch movies and your favourite TV shows free of cost. The site features latest movies of all genres, New collections, and you can search for your desired one. In addition to that, you can watch music videos as well.

8: SnagFlms:

This is certainly one of the best streaming sites to watch movies online without spending a penny. Well, data charge may apply. Here you will see almost all genre of movies, ranging from Sports, Rockumentaries, Dram, Comedy, Kids & Family, Action, Si-Fi, and more!

9: PrimeWire:

You can locate recent added movie contents from every sections that includes Movies, TV Shows, and Music. There is a huge collection of genre, can be counted as Action, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Horror, Japanese, Korean, and more!

10: FreeFullMovies:

I love the Landing page of this site mostly. From the homepage you can get into various sections like Last Update, Most Popular, etc.  You may want to check out the years of releases as well.

Best part of this site, you will find all of the latest released block buster movies like The Jungle Book, Captain America -Civil War, Warcraft, and many more.

11: Movie25:

This is one of the best streaming sites to watch movies online for its user-friendly interface. From its homepage you can search for your desired movie content of high quality watch. Apart from Movies and TV shows, you can get popular music videos and HD contents.

12: Free Streaming Movies:

The site lets you to track for your favorite movies from the Search box. However, you can get the best and latest movies like Central Intelligence, Aquarius, Now You See Me 2, Independence Day, and many more.

13: WatchMovieStream:

From this movie streaming website, you can search for the movie you wish to watch. Apart from that, you can locate all kind of Hollywood’s best movies. Latest movies available on this site belongs to popular genres like Action, Adventure, Animation, Biography and more.

14: TopMoviesOnline:

The homepage this site looks a bit classic, but you should not underestimate  of its quality service. You can get into the section of movie releasing years counted from 2011 to 2016, A to Z movies, etc.O f course, all kind of popular genres are also available here.

15: FreeMoviesOnline:

From the top of the homepage, you can navigate through All contents, Movies, And TV Shows. Apart from that you can simply check out the most popular movies suggested by the site, and of course you can search whatever you wish for.

16: SolarMovie:

In the SolarMovie, you are welcome to  search your favorite content, or you can simply get into the various sections named as New Movies, Top Movies, Latest Movies. You can join the Forum and see what people are discussing about.

17: MegaShare:

In the homepage of this site, you will be fed with dozens of latest movies from all kind of genres. Check out the Random movie collections. You can also search for he movie you wish to watch. All you have to do is sign up a free account.

18: Tube+:

Tube Plus is my favorite among these best streaming sites to watch movies online. It lets you to search, browse genre and year, and more feature to execute. Best section it feature are Most popular war documentaries, Top 10 TV episodes and Latest Aired TV shows.

19: WolowTube:

WolowTube allows you to get your wish list via search box. Apart from that can lean on the most popular movies that can be counted as The Conjuring 2, Finding Dory, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, Popstar, and more!Best streaming sites

20: YouTube:

And finally comes the most popular video sharing site YouTube. Apart from a vast range of free video showcasing, YouTube also lets its users to watch free movies and TV Shows what comes in the trend.


So, these are the top 20 Best free movie websites to watch movies online you can start your day with. All of these sites are very convenient in serving HD video and movie contents with any extra charge. I suppose, from now on, you will never regret for not availing to take out time for Cinema halls as you can watch your desired TV Shows and Movies right on these sites.